How to Tell Your Boss They Made a Mistake

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The one-on-one meetings with your boss can be daunting, and it can be even more intimidating if you must point out they made a mistake. There are plenty of employees who are afraid to speak up out of awkwardness. Hanna Howard from CNBC gives advice on how to handle it.  

Remember we are human 

We’re all human beings, which means we’re all privy to making flubs. Your boss isn’t trying to sabotage you, writes Hanna Howard.  

Use it as a development opportunity 

Depending on what kind of relationship you may have with your boss, your approach with pointing out the error might vary. No matter what, treat this as an opportunity for personal development. Learn your boss’s editing process and see how you can improve yours.  

Approach with a collaborative mindset  

Remember that you and your boss both want to produce stellar work. You both have the same goal and it’s important that you approach your boss with the mindset for collaboration to fix the error. If it’s a smaller mistake like a spelling error, Howard advises, fix it yourself. But if it’s something factual or major try to work together with your boss to figure out the mistake.  

Prepare solutions  

Always have solutions in mind when pointing out an error. It shows your boss that not only are you able to identify problems but also propose solutions.  

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