Fed’s ‘No’ Stops King of Prussia Rail Line in Its Tracks

King of Prussia Rail
Image via SEPTA at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
King of Prussia Rail.

All work on the proposed King of Prussia Rail — the four-mile transit extension to the Norristown High Speed Line — has halted. Thomas Fitzgerald reported the cessation in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The SEPTA plug-pull resulted from an assessment that a recent Federal Transit Administration (FTA) denial of a new-transit capital grant will propel costs to unsustainable levels.

Since the idea of a railway from Norristown southwestward to King of Prussia was proposed, projected costs have swollen. The price tag is now estimated at more than $3 billion, about 54 percent more than calculated at the project’s launch.

The financial shut-off valve from the FTA came as it considered cost overruns — an assured infrastructure construction reality — and its ability to pay for them amid other projects underway elsewhere.

SEPTA has already invested nearly $90 million into the King of Prussia Rail.

Those funds came from a scrubbed idea for a Philadelphia-to-Reading railroad and SEPTA’s own coffers.

More on the future of the King of Prussia Rail is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.


This 3-D video certainly extolled the advantages of the King of Prussia Rail project, now jeopardized by funding.

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