Immersive Art, Sound Installation to Take Place at Historic Property in Morrisville

artistic exhibition
Image via Ryan Strand Greenberg.
The artist used the natural landscape for his installation.

An artist is taking his immersive installation to a popular property in Bucks County, where guests can enjoy the unique sound experience. Molly Given wrote about the installation for Metro Philadelphia.

Artist Nathan Young will be hosting his installation, “nkwiluntàmën: I long for it; I am lonesome for it (such as the sound of a drum),” at Pennsbury Manor in Morrisville on April 15. Supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, the show will be a sight and sound extravaganza that pays homage to the Indigenous peoples that once inhabited the area.

Young, himself of Native American descent, used the natural sounds of the area near the Delaware River to create an idyllic soundscape for those who come for he experience.

“The Delaware people still exist; we are still a community and many of us are engaged in highly sophisticated work,” said Young.

“This installation showcases sound as a powerful art form and uses modern technology to add meaning to a historic place. I hope that ‘nkwiluntàmën’ inspires visitors to explore the contemporary work of the Delaware people.”

Read more about the art show at Metro Philadelphia.


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