High School in Bucks County Floats the Idea of a Full-Time Officer on Campus

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The imposter was seen in the Morrisville area.

A high school in Bucks County is in talks to bring in a police officer on a full-time basis as a measure to ensure students’ and staff’s safety. Ed Doyle wrote about the discussion for TAP Into Doylestown.

Central Bucks High School West, a part of the Central Bucks School District in the Doylestown area, is discussing the possibility of having a “school resource officer” on campus. The officer would act as a full-time employee of the school.

“They will be involved with speaking and teaching in schools,” said Kevin Spencer, the district’s Director of Operations. “They’re also serving as counselors and mentors. Students can talk to them during office hours.”

In many other schools in Bucks County, police officers have begun to have a more active role in the lives and safety of students and staff. This potential measure would not just provide real safety, but it would also give those at the school a greater sense of security.

Read more about the discussions at TAP Into Doylestown.


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