Bucks County School District Celebrates Teachers with New and Interactive Tradition

school district
Image visa Bristol Township School District.
The school district is giving students a chance to give their favorite educators a shoutout.

A school district in Bucks County is running an annual event that allows students to show their appreciation for their teachers.

Bristol Township School District is hosting “Shirt Off My Back!”, an annual event that allows students to pick a teacher or staff member who has made a difference in their education and/or life in general.

Spearheaded by Athletic Director Tim Monaghan and special education teacher Colleen Spinelli, it is a fun way for the district to come together. MJ Powlowicz, a first-year teacher and assistant coach, was one of many teachers to receive a shirt from a student.

“Receiving a shirt from one of the athletes I coach, Nate Johnson, meant the world to me. It is not something I probably would have expected ever, but especially not in my first year teaching and coaching,” said Powlowicz.

“It is a reminder of why we do this, being a guiding figure for these students. It means so much to me that Nate sees me as someone who has helped him along in this journey.”

Learn more about the initiative at Bristol Township School District.


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