Treasure Hunter Accuses FBI of Distorting Key Evidence in PA Gold Case

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Treasure hunter Dennis Parada is not satisfied with the documents the FBI released on its secretive search for Civil War-era gold in Dents Run and is now even more convinced of a coverup, writes Michael Rubinkam for the Star-Advertiser.

Parada forced the FBI in court to turn over records of its Pennsylvania excavation at the spot where local lore says a shipment of Union gold disappeared in 1863 on its way to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.

The FBI originally said its sophisticated testing suggested a large quantity of gold might be buried at the spot but later insisted that the dig came up empty.

Parada spent countless hours going over recently released government records. He believes that the FBI’s claims are not true, and accused the bureau of distorting key evidence and withholding records to conceal the recovery of an extremely valuable historic cache of gold.

He is continuing to fight the FBI in federal court, where the judge now must decide if the FBI will have to release its dig operational plan and other documents it has been trying to keep secret.

“The truth will come out,” said Parada.

Read more about the search for gold in the Star-Advertiser.

An Associated Press report on the Civil War era gold.

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