New Hope Resident, Fitness Entrepreneur Tracy Anderson Talks Her Method, Teaching People How to Move

Image via Tracy Anderson Method
The fitness instructor discusses her routines and methods for success.

A famous fitness instructor, who has recently called Bucks County her home, is discussing how she became successful at her craft. Lane Florsheim wrote about the fitness expert for The Wall Street Journal.

Fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson, who owns a property in New Hope, is best known for her energetic aerobic dance classes that take place in heated studios that leave participants drenched and sore.

But for Anderson, her method is not just about burning calories and achieving physical transformations. It is also about helping people learn how to move.

“The worst thing that ever happened to our health is [the idea that] you don’t know how to do a lunge without a personal trainer,” she said.

For her, playing the videogame Just Dance with her family or facing off with them on the pickleball court are just some examples of everyday movement.

“Working out shouldn’t look like going to school,” said Anderson. “It should be something where you just say, ‘OK, I’m disconnected. I need to reconnect. And I need to do it each day.’”

And she incorporates movement into her routine even outside of working out.

“I have four dogs, and we might just walk around our property for an hour and a half on a Sunday or something,” she said.

Read the entire interview in The Wall Street Journal.

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