Founded During Pandemic, Philadelphia Apiary Puts Focus on Mental Health, Mindfulness

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Half Mad Honey is a Philadelphia-based apiary that focuses on mental health.

Founded by Amelia Mraz and Natasha Pham during the pandemic, Half Mad Honey, a Navy Yard-based apiary, puts focus on mental health and mindfulness, writes Laura Swartz for the Philadelphia Magazine.

The name they chose for their business is a deliberate nod to Mad Pride, a movement that advocates for the de-stigmatization of mental illness and improved mental health care. Unique workshops offered by Half Mad Honey provide healing experiences without the usual clinical setting.

Mraz started beekeeping in 2016. She and Pham met through OkCupid three years later and started dating.

“With that came inheriting a bunch of bees!” said Pham. “At the time, I didn’t know how important bees are and how pollination is vital to the planet, but I learned, and we grew the business – we’re now up to 11 hives.”

The apiary they operate provides the therapeutic benefits of being in nature as well as being around other people, which proved incredibly important during the pandemic.

The workshops they offer include Reiki, tarot, and Mead Me in the Apiary where “you suit up, and we open the hive and talk about the importance of honeybees,” said Pham.

Read more about Half Mad Honey in the Philadelphia Magazine.

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