George School Sophomore, Member of School’s Basketball Team Stands Out in the Friends Schools League

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The team has been having a successful season to start the year off.

A Bucks County basketball player is helping his school’s team head to the upper echelons of a local private school league. Jared Leveson wrote about the young player for City of Basketball Love.

Luke Melniczak, a sophomore at the George School in Newtown and a member of the school’s basketball team, has been aiding his team as they move their way up through the Friends Schools League. The league is comprised of several Philadelphia-area private schools, and Melniczak has been integral in their last few victories.

Beginning his education via homeschooling with his mother and siblings, Melniczak entered the private school and quickly made a name for himself on the team.

“It’s a beautiful thing because he’s prepared for a moment (like this) and he wasn’t greedy along the way,” Coach Ben Luber said. “He kept working and he’s been a great teammate.” 

“I try to come off the bench to give out energy,” Melniczak said. “Once I hit that first shot, everything fell. I felt comfortable out there, felt confident, and then the next ones came, and it was a good feeling.”

Read more about the young player at City of Basketball Love.

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