5 Proven Strategies For Pitching Your Idea to Your Boss Successfully

Making a pitch

Sharing ideas at work demonstrates you are invested in trying to improve the company. However, it can also be intimidating because if your ideas are not well-received, it can make you look foolish. Even the best idea can fail due to lack of proper preparation and forethought.

Forbes explains what matters the most when trying to pitch your ideas. Here are some of the key takeaways to see more success for yourself.

Know Your Numbers

Businesses are about making profits. It will bolster your argument to have solid numbers on how much your idea can make for the company, as well as how much has to go into it.

Don’t Overexplain

Your boss’s time is precious, so keep your pitch concise. Focus on the key elements that you want to sell them on, and keep the more detailed description in your back pocket if you are asked to elaborate.

Make the Idea Collaborative

People are more invested in projects they have a hand in. Go in planning to make this conversation an exchange where you are working together rather than giving a lecture.

Consider How You Frame Your Ideas

You need more than just the facts, you also need to explain why they matter. You can say how much the company earned last year using a similar idea, but it looks far more compelling if you also explain that was the most profitable year in the company’s history.

Focus on What Matters to Your Boss

It is possible this idea might appeal to both you and your boss, but for totally different reasons. But your boss is the one who needs persuading, not you. Know your audience and focus on what they will care about.

And bear in mind that even if presented perfectly, some ideas just are not the right fit at that time. Do not take it personally if you get turned down and don’t let it deter you from trying again with new ideas.

To read more detail about any of these techniques, be sure to read the information in the Forbes article here.


In this 3-minute clip, leadership speaker and author Ross Shafer reveals his five-step process for pitching your big ideas to the boss.


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