Five Ways to Tackle End of the Year Burnout

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Even though the end of the year is supposed to bring holiday cheer, it can be anxiety-inducing for many. It’s typically the time employees may have their annual reviews and have to churn out projects before the holidays. Forbes contributor Caroline Castrillon, tells us how we can avoid end of the year burnout.  

1. Take a vacation  

In the fast-paced world we live in today, we often neglect our need to take a breath. Castrillon notes that a report by Zippia found that 55 percent of Americans in 2022 did not use all their PTO. Use the extra days for a staycation or getaway. Taking time off can reduce stress levels and boost your long-term health.  

2. Prioritize  

If you’re feeling slammed or overwhelmed by your workload, tackle the most pressing projects first. Castrillon also advises breaking up big projects into tinier chunks.  

3. Practice self-care 

Yoga, meditation, or eating healthy are all great ways to listen to your body. Even taking a moment to do breath work or go outside can help you cope with a stressful day.  

4. Remind yourself it’s okay to ask for help  

Whether it’s emotional support from a loved one or asking your HR or manager about mental health resources, human connection is a powerful tool.  

5. Set boundaries  

You’re a human, not a machine and that means not letting work seep into other aspects of your life. If that means only checking your e-mails during certain hours or logging off during vacation, it’s important to set boundaries.  

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