5 Simple Tips to Be More Productive While Working Remotely

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As working away from the office has become more common, people have also realized that it is not necessary to be stuck at home while on the job either.

If all you need is a computer and an internet connection, there is nothing stopping you from taking your work on the go.

That could mean going on vacation, going to visit with family, or wherever else you’d like to multitask.

If you’d like to join the many who don’t allow their work to confine them to a desk all day, read on.

How Do You Work Best?

You don’t want to try working while traveling only to find you’ve trapped yourself somewhere you can’t concentrate. Does having other people around distract you? Are you not a morning person? Do you need absolute quiet? Know your work style to help you plan where you’ll be most productive while traveling.

Getting Online

You likely won’t accomplish much without internet access, so know where you can get online. Hotels and airplanes often provide wi-fi for a fee, or you go somewhere that offers wi-fi for free to guests such as a coffee shop. Make sure you are not stranded offline.

Reliable Hardware

Prepare ahead of time to have whatever technology you might need. That includes charging cables to keep your devices powered up, but it also means adapters if you are going abroad. Get good headphones so you can hear over background noise. And invest in a top-quality phone, laptop, and tablet so your technology is always fast and reliable.

Figure Out How to Communicate

Even if you are not needed in the office, you likely still need to be available for someone to reach you. Figure out the best way to handle that, even if it is as simple as email or Slack. If you need to do phone or video calls, schedule time where you know you’ll have quiet and privacy.

Make Sure You Have a Plan

Preparing for contingencies is the best way to avoid ruined plans. Tech devices can help you keep going even if you get stuck somewhere without an outlet or wi-fi. Have your “just in case” accessories handy for if the worst does happen.

Working while on the go does require an extra setup that you need to adjust to, but once you are used to it, you can be just as efficient as working from your home.

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