2022 Report Card for Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure Awards Keystone State Unflattering C-minus

0th Street Station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Officially William H. Gray III 30th Street Station, is an intermodal transit station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the Keystone State an unflattering C-minus in its 2022 Report Card for Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure, writes Anthony Salamone for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The report was unveiled to coincide with the first anniversary of the passage of the $1.2 trillion federal infrastructure legislation aimed at improving the nation’s roads, bridges, tap water, and more.

The report is essentially a “well-check” of the state’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. The grade Pennsylvania received remained unchanged from four years ago.

“A C-minus means our infrastructure is in mediocre condition and requires attention,” said John Caperilla, past president of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Lehigh Valley section.

The engineering group believes infrastructure work needs more money and a stronger public outcry. The money provided by the infrastructure legislation is not enough – as it only covers 80 percent of any road project with the remainder having to be covered by the state – and some of this is being eaten into by inflation and the current higher costs for labor and construction.

The report did find improvements in several infrastructure areas in the state, including aviation, rail, and roads. Meanwhile, parks and ports declined. Read more about the report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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