10 Unconventional Job Perks Companies are Offering Remote Workers

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While working from home has the obvious perks of not commuting anywhere and a less formal attire, some people do worry about missing out on some of the perks in person jobs offer.

However, with remote work only becoming more commonplace, employers are now extending more perks to people who telecommute but are still regular parts of the company.

Stacker talked about some of the benefits you might now start seeing more commonly in remote positions, including some you might not expect.

Home Office Stipend

Not everyone has a setup at home made for working long hours in. But some companies are willing to help with that, offering a stipend for the furniture and equipment you need.

Leisure Benefits

Maybe for a job well done on a project your company is offering a fun new experience, like concert tickets, or a wine tasting kit you can enjoy at home.

Online Education

In the office you would be picking up new skills that can further your career, so now many companies offer remote employees reimbursement for online classes too.


You obviously won’t receive the on-site childcare some companies provide, but they can still make up for that by paying for some of the childcare costs that you accrue.


Not all perks have to be about helping you do your job better. Some are just about relaxing, such as companies that offer things such as free Netflix subscriptions or covering your Spotify subscription.


It might seem trivial, but maybe you miss the free coffee from the office kitchen. Acknowledging this, some companies provide a monthly allowance to their workers for coffee and snacks.

Conception Help

If having children interests you, some companies are willing to help cover assistance such as in vitro fertilization or egg freezing.


Just because you are remote does not mean you can never meet up with anyone from the office. A company retreat might be especially enjoyable for remote workers so you can finally meet your coworkers face to face.


Think working remote means no vacation time? Think again. In fact, some companies will even give you money for your vacation.

Mental Health Support

Being remote can make you feel isolated, but more companies are cognizant of that and offering opportunities to socialize, or assistance for those struggling emotionally.

Don’t let a fear of not as many perks hold you back from going remote. Your employer might offer more than you think.

Want to learn more about these perks and how likely you are to encounter them? Check out what Stacker has to say here.


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