This Bucks County Town Could Soon See Over 80 New Homes Built if Development Plan Goes Through

Image via Nur B. Adams/ Bucks County Courier Times
The potential development is being met with mixed reviews by locals.

A Bucks County town could soon see a large amount of homes built in a small area, and local residents are conflicted about this. Peg Quann wrote about the upcoming development for the Bucks County Courier Times.

Superior Holdings LLC, a local housing developer, has proposed 84 single-family houses to be built in the vicinity of Hulmeville Hill, a small borough near the Neshaminy Creek. While this may be good news for real estate developers and those looking for a new home, local residents are concerned that the new homes will take away from the natural beauty of the area.

Concerns of water runoff in the new development were brought up, with residents fearing it would flood current neighborhoods. Extra traffic in the area is another genuine concern for Hulmeville residents.

Developers are working to get the proper zoning figured out for the development, while nearby residents have begun displaying “Save the Hulmeville Hill” signs on their properties to make their worries a public matter.

Read more about the Hulmeville homes at the Bucks County Courier Times.

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