This Bucks County High School Football Team’s Success Story Mirrors that of a Big Philadelphia Sports Team

Image via Pennsbury School District
The high school football team's journey mirrors that of one of the Philly sports greats.

While they play different sports, the success story for a Bucks County football team reminds many of a major Philadelphia team’s journey. Staff writers at CBS News Philadelphia wrote about the similarities.

The Pennsbury Falcons football team has been having a successful season, and many are comparing it to a recent line of victories for a nearby team who don’t event play the same sport: the Philadelphia Phillies.

With a successful season and a fanbase that has a severe dedication to their team, the Falcon’s recent slew of good games is mirroring the legendary season the Phillies are currently having.

“We just went back to doing the things that we used to do,” Coach Galen Snyder said. “Most importantly, the hungry kids who were tired of not having success that wanted to have success.”

“It’s definitely a different vibe,” Galamam Mulbah, a running back at Pennsbury, said. “He’s very strict and that’s what we need as football players and physically.”

Read more about the two teams at CBS News Philadelphia.

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