Are You Overly Ambitious? 10 Giveaways Your Lofty Goals Are Actually Working Against You

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The word ambition usually has positive connotations to it. Ambitious people know what they want and don’t stop until they get it. That can be great when it comes to getting a degree or a nice-paying job.

But some set their sights so high that trying to achieve those dreams actually starts to harm them and those around them. The site MindBodyGreen explains some great ways to tell if your ambition has become so heavy that it is now dragging you down.

You Picture a Perfect Ending

Is everything you do in pursuit of an idealized ending? Life is never perfect, so you will inevitably be disappointed if that is your end goal.

You Look Beyond the Present

Is the future always where your sights are, never stopping to even bask in a recent accomplishment? You might be overlooking some of your life’s best moments.

You Look Past the Journey

They say the journey matters more than the destination. Translation: goals take a long time to complete, so it’s best not to pick one that will make you miserable getting there.

Burning at Both Ends of the Candle

Have you grown addicted to the rush of fast-paced life? That lifestyle can burn you out eventually.

Have You Developed Anxiety?

When you have so many meticulous plans, it also creates so much more that could go wrong. Are you constantly worried about something not going right?

Depression Has Become Regular

Have you learned to accept being sad on a daily basis because you believe it will all pay off in the end?

You’re Jealous

Rather than being happy about the accomplishments of friends and family, you feel envious of them and wonder why you can’t have what they do.

You Hate Stability

You view having a routine as synonymous with stagnation.

You Can’t Relax

Can you ever just sit and watch TV or read a book? Or does not having work to do now make you antsy?

You Only See People as Resources

You love meeting new people, but only when they are potential connections who can move you closer to your goals.

None of this is meant to scare you off of having big goals. Ambition is a great trait to have, just as long as it doesn’t become a pursuit that is harming your life.

If you are still worried that your goals may have started becoming too grandiose, learn more about these signs at MindBodyGreen.


Marie Forleo, entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and unshakable optimist, has counterintuitive career advice for ambitious people.


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