7 Personality Traits that Hold You Back at Work

Office Gossip
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They say hard work pays off, but in reality, there is more that goes into being rewarded than just your results. You can be the most productive worker at the office, but if you have an off-putting personality, people will be repelled by you and you won’t get ahead.

But maybe it is something you don’t even realize is making you look bad. The job board Monster shared some of the most aggravating qualities that might be costing you opportunities to advance further.

No Confidence

How can you expect anyone else to if you don’t believe in yourself? Perhaps you struggle with Impostor Syndrome, but if you always present your work with doubt and apologies, it is very likely you will convince others that your work is substandard as well.


Do you have the self-awareness to realize if you take criticism poorly? Do you still dwell on something negative someone said about you years ago? You have to be able to move on and not take most comments personally.

No Work Ethic

Do you just do whatever you need to get by and leave volunteering for new challenges to others? This can be a great exhibit of your work initiative or lack thereof. If you seem like someone who doesn’t care to try, don’t expect to be offered bigger roles.

Office Gossip

Nobody enjoys being around coworkers who act like they are in a high school clique. At best, it is immature. At worst, your comments may get back to someone important who will remember your disrespect.


Do you often find yourself doing other people’s jobs or getting talked over in meetings? You have to be willing to stand up for yourself. Don’t confuse a desire to be helpful with being a doormat.

Leadership Avoidance

Sure, you help out, but only once someone else gets the ball rolling. You act like you need someone to hold your hand through everything. You have to be willing to step up and show you can lead.

Think You Know Better

Maybe you strive so hard to show you are contributing that you try to one-up everyone. Don’t assume you always know best. It comes off like you think everyone around you is stupid. Actually, listen to what others have to offer.

The good news is that even if one of these personality types describes you, nothing stops you from learning better and correcting your behavior.

To read further on how you can correct any of these behaviors that could be holding you back, check out Monster’s post here.


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