Remote Work is Better for Both Employees as Well as Employers. Here’s Why

Working from home
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Oftentimes anything that goes well at work feels like trying to get a bigger piece of the pie, where you’ll get resistance because it means someone else gets less.

As a boss, you might want your employee to put in extra hours, but they are reluctant because they will lose family time.

As an employee, you might want a raise, but your boss needs convincing because the budget is tight.

So it is a rare and welcome relief to see that working remotely is a major change that is able to leave both workers and managers happy. Here’s why:

Expending Fewer Resources

One huge reason workers love working from home is there is no more commute. That means saving time traveling to and from work, as well as saving money on gas.

The same is true for company leaders who can save money by cutting back on office space rentals.

Healthier, Happier Workers

That time saved on commuting adds up and allows workers to stave off burnout by relaxing with hobbies and avoiding bad sleep and dietary habits. This means employees who show up to work refreshed and ready to do their best.

Increased Productivity

Everyone feels most at ease at home, so it makes sense people could also do their best work there. Work on a computer that you know is set up specifically for how it is most efficient for you. And no more worrying about being distracted by conversations among coworkers nearby, or someone interrupting you just to chat.

Wider Talent Pools

Remote work means employees don’t have to be in the same city, state, or even the same country. This gives employees new opportunities that don’t require relocating, and bosses access to the best talent regardless of region.

Increased Connection

While you lose the face-to-face moments, digital communication provides more instantaneous access to people you need. The whole team being in the habit of using email or Slack is much more efficient than going across the building to see if someone is in their office.

And turning meetings into video calls means no more waiting for everyone to arrive before you start.

One of the few blessings to come from the pandemic was that it demonstrated how effective remote work can be for many companies. Both employees and employers are eager to see it stick around due to its many advantages.

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