Doylestown To Turn Town Teal For Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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The Bucks County town will be putting on the event for the 14th time.

Doylestown Borough will be decorating their town with teal ribbons and other items to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Jeff Werner wrote about the upcoming color changes for the Doylestown Patch.

This Saturday, volunteers will begin placing teal ribbons on 400 lampposts in the area. Like other forms of cancer, a specific-colored ribbon represents awareness for it. Teal specifically represents ovarian cancer.

“We need as many people as possible,” said former Doylestown Borough Councilwoman Joan Doyle.

This yearly event is a collaboration with the Turn The Towns Teal campaign, which aims to spread awareness of this form of cancer as much as possible.

The ribbons will be a visible reminder throughout National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in Doylestown. Those who are predisposed to having it should check with their healthcare provider.

Read more about the upcoming event at the Doylestown Patch.

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