Tactical Ops Expert from Warrington Heeds DOJ Call to Travel to Texas Elementary School


In response to a U.S. Dept. of Justice request, Warrington technical operations expert Mark Lomax will bring his professional eye to Uvalde, Tx. Alicia Roberts, CBS3, reported his responsibilities there.

Lomax’ near 30-year career includes service with Pa. State Police and experience as a U.N. tactical ops expert in Liberia and West Africa

He was asked to be part of a nine-member team heading to Uvalde in the aftermath of last month’s tragedy at Robb Elementary School.

“When the call did come in from the Department of Justice, I had no second thoughts,” he said.

His time onsite is intended to evaluate policies, training efforts, and roles (Lomax called them “understandings between departments”) in place before the school was breached.

He says one of the biggest parts of a mission like this is its emotional toll.

“Not only are we mindful when we do interviews … of the stress we’re bringing back out again but also [we are] mindful of the team and the support part of how that can affect us personally,” he related.

Lessons learned from Uvalde will not only be shared with schools nationwide but also to churches, offices, and other businesses.

More on this story is at CBS3.