Perkasie Farm Holds Al Fresco Meal That Leaves Diners with Nothing to Beef About

tables in a field
Image via Tussock Sedge Farm.
Dinner in the Fields is a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience in Perkasie.

When most diners opt for a farm-to-table experience, they’re quite familiar with the table. After all, they’re sitting at it. But the farm part may be less immediate. Except in Perkasie, where Tussock Sedge Farm serves Dinner in the Fields. In an open-air atmosphere that its name aptly describes, the source of the edibles are directly in sight. The Bucks County Foodshed Alliance covered the culinary adventure.

The setting might be rustic, but the experience is, by design, upscale.

It’d a seven-course adventure — no burger on a bun here — in which a private chef prepares each component tableside and explains what is being served. Appropriately matched wine pairings accompany the dishes.

The star of the show is the meat from the grass-fed, pasture-raised livestock onsite.

The farm’s Red Angus cattle benefit from rotational grazing and homeopathic veterinary care. The former allows pastures to rest and replenish between feedings, boosting animals’ health. The latter commits to curative measures that are only animal- or plant-based.

The agrarian philosophy of the farm’s owners, Sean Patrick Ryan and Tonya Rosenberger, is informed by the couple’s deeply religious outlook.

The farm’s website describes one of the business’ core values: “We raise our animals the way our Creator designed them, living outside, free to express their natural instincts, and eating a species-appropriate diet.”

The summer schedule of open dates for Dinner in the Fields is still being determined.

More information is available at the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance.