Of Five Bucks County Communities Ranked for Fastest-Growing Home Prices, One Hit No. 1

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Image via Aaron Amat at iStock.
Five Bucks County communities saw meteoric rises in area residential real estate prices.

Over the past several years, the pandemic has been the driving force behind the real estate boom that sent home prices soaring in the Phila. area, reports Stacker.

Among 30 communities in the southeast corner of Pa. noted for fastest residential real estate price jumps, five are in Bucks County.

New Hope ranked first, with a one-year price increase of $115,279 (16.7 percent) and a five-year price increase of $230,944 (40.2 percent). A typical home value in New Hope is now $805,075, making it the most expensive city in the metro.

Churchville is next in eighth place, propelled by a one-year change of $85,144 (16.7 percent) and a five-year change of $173,057 (40.9 percent). A typical home value there is $596,137.

Yardley’s median price tag for a house ($550,246) landed it at No. 13. The recorded increases are $73,847 (15.5 percent) for one year and $172,934 (45.8 percent) for five years.

Ivyland is No. 18, with $70,512 (15.4 percent) and $154,560 (41.4 percent) increases.

Langhorne rated No. 23, with a one-year change of $67,857 (15.4 percent).

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