Penn Community Bank Branch Operations Specialist Finds Professional Advantage in Personal Authenticity

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Image via Penn Community Bank.
Michael Kirschman.

Michael Kirschman, Penn Community Bank Branch Operations Specialist, never really set out to forge a career in banking or the financial services industry.

What he did do, however, is commit to presenting himself as a polished, intelligent, and responsible employee who thrives on building connections with colleagues and customers.

In other words, he saw his reality as a gay professional as a strength that could be of great use to an institution like Penn Community Bank.

And it turns out, he was right.

In fact, Kirschman states he’s “been able to build deeper, more meaningful relationships by being true to who I am.”

Financial institutions conduct business with a highly diverse customer base. That why, according to Kirschman, “…it’s imperative to have a more global understanding of what our customers’ needs are in order to tackle the inequality that hinders the prosperity of our communities.”

When anyone walks through the door at Penn Community Bank, team members and customers alike, Kirschman simply wants them to immediately feel that they belong.

Yes, banking can be a little black and white at times.

But Kirschman says, “there is always room for a little color.”

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