Four-Year Collaborative Grand View/Penn Medicine Agreement in Sellersville Is Renewed

helicopter on a pad
Image via Penn Medicine.
One of the many advantages of the Penn Medicine/Grand View Health collaboration in Sellersville is access to emergency transport via PennSTAR.

In August 2018, Penn Medicine and Grand View Health set a vision to develop collaborative services at Grand View Hospital in an effort to provide comprehensive care that kept patients closer to home.

Four years later, the relationship is flourishing, with programs in:

  • Cancer/radiation oncology
  • Trauma
  • Neurosciences
  • Orthopedics

The two organizations have therefore renewed the strategic alliance for five more years.

“The world has changed considerably in the four years since the inception of our strategic alliance,” said Douglas Hughes, RN, BSN, MBA, president, and CEO at Grand View Health.

“Our community is growing, and we are expanding to meet their needs. We’re exploring every avenue possible to ensure we are always ready to deliver the highest quality of care close to home and our alliance with Penn Medicine is one more way we’re making good on that promise,” he summarized.

Most recently, the two health systems came together through the Penn Trauma Network, earning Grand View Health accreditation as a Level II Trauma Center.

Since opening last September, the center has provided trauma care for nearly 700 patients, including 67 who received critical care flight and ground transportation via the PennSTAR service.

The contract renewal includes terms that strengthen the Sellersville collaboration, anticipating significant program development and extending the time frame of the engagement into 2027.