Doylestown Health Assists Gen-X Adults Faced with Taking Car Keys from Boomer Parents

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Doylestown Health offers driver safety screenings to evaluate if seniors are still capable of confidently getting behind the wheel.
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With Bucks County Baby Boomers continuing to age, acuity issues are becoming increasingly worrisome to their Gen-X offspring. When it comes to driver safety, however, the valid concern may be a life-and-death one.

Doylestown Health’s Clinical Driving Screening program can help.

It’s a one-hour evaluation of driving essentials, including cognitive ability, memory, attention, visual skills, reaction times, and coordination.

From there, an occupational therapist delivers results that include:

  • Medical clearance to continuing driving
  • Recommendations for:
    • Further evaluation
    • Rehab sessions to strengthen the physical necessities to drive
    • Vehicle modifications such as a steering knob or added mirrors

“Many people think, ‘Well, I’ve never had an accident and I’ve been driving for decades, so I’m fine.’ But there are so many things that go into safe driving,” said Nicole Dennison, occupational therapist at Doylestown Health Rehabilitation.

“It’s not just being able to operate the car. It’s the higher-level cognitive skills that can get overlooked,” she advised.

Dennison has a cut-to-the-chase question for families with declining drivers: “Is this someone you would trust putting your child in the car with?”

A No may mean it’s time for a driver safety screening.

“We’re not looking at taking away anyone’s independence,” Dennison explained. “We’re looking at being able to keep [drivers] safe and keep others safe around them.”

To schedule a Clinical Driving Screening, call the Clark Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at 215.345.2252.

Driving for seniors is often an independence v. safety conundrum,
as this 2019 CBS This Morning report explains.