This Newtown Square Native Took Lingerie to a Different (P)lace

Araks Yeramyan
Image via Araks.
Araks Yeramyan founded the New York-based Araks.

The underwear market ran either sexy or frumpy 22 years ago when Newtown Square native Araks Yeramyan started her lingerie company Araks. She wanted a third choice, writes Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore for Barron’s Penta.

“So, I created what I wanted to wear: Colorful, bright, fun, 100 percent cotton lingerie that blurs the distinction between outerwear and underwear,” she says.

Yeramyan, who lives in New York City these days discovered early on that no one was making lingerie like hers, “soft cup bralettes and cotton panties,” and there wasn’t much of a market for it.

Retailers wanted padding in the bras, and no one wanted cotton.

“It was a very small market that I was selling to and it was hard. But I stayed with my vision and now a natural look and natural fabrics are more preferred.”

Araks has expanded to include swimwear and loungewear.

Celebrity fans include Zoë Kravitz, Michelle Williams, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Araks designs are made to mix and match, to build over time and to last.

“I wanted to create lingerie for women to enjoy, something they would love wearing for themselves—pieces that they would feel beautiful, strong, and empowered when wearing,” Yeramyan says.

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