Locally Handcrafted Bears Go to Ukrainian War Refugee Children; Gifts Arrive With ‘A Little Heart’


Two residents of Wesley Enhanced Living have been laboring to make war-torn Ukraine a little less scary for its youngest refugees. Sarah Bloomquist reported the Doylestown gifts for 6abc.

Micki Keifer and Kass Vogle, both heartfelt seamstresses, have stitched together, stuffed, and shipped more than 50 of the huggable toys to Eastern Europe.

Each bear is decorated with a token to remind the recipient of the long-distance love and concern being conveyed.

We’re “…sending these over with a little heart on them,” Keiver says.

The facility’s activities coordinator, Christine Weyer, provided the link between the plush pals and the kids.

“There is a nun there that has a special relationship with my brother and his wife,” she said. “They’re in need of lots of things. But we thought, why not send them some of our bears?”

The current project is a subset of the bear-building activity at Wesley that dates to 2008. Over that time, the crafters have produced nearly 2,000 teddies. These go to local hospitals and police departments, which, in turn, supplies them to pint-sized owners who could benefit from the comfort.

The Ukrainian project, however, rests solely with Keifer and Vogel.

“We’re all so happy we’re sending these,” Keifer said. “When a little child holds one, they’re just going to have a smile on their face.”

More on this international sign of support from Wesley Enhanced Living is at 6abc.