Five Steps You Should Take After Being Fired

Man Tired at work

Getting fired can stir up a lot of emotions in you — anger, sadness, shame. It hurts getting rejected, especially for a position you might have been depending on. But the best way to move past those feelings is to set your sights on your next goal.

That is why Glassdoor shared the actions you should be taking to start moving forward in a positive direction. Here is a breakdown of what they recommend.

Figure Out Why It Happened

If there was no bad blood behind your termination, you might be able to ask your boss what you could have done differently.

However, the company will often do a clean break with you, leaving you confused about what happened. Be introspective and think back if there were any moments when you stepped on the wrong toes to lead to this.

Check Your Benefits

Depending on the reason you were let go, you could be eligible for unemployment. Do not neglect to see what you qualify for as you figure out your next step.

Prepare Your Résumé

If you haven’t touched your résumé since you were last hired, make sure you update it now before you start sending it out again. Take stock of what you learned from your recent position and accentuate your strengths.


Letting people know you are looking for a new job is a great way to save you some legwork. Someone in your network might need someone exactly like you and could be eager to get in touch.

Set Up Your Job Search

The major job sites each have alerts you can set up to notify you of positions that are similar to your field in your region of the country. This can help you stay aware of positions you might otherwise have missed in a manual search.

Don’t Let It Define You

The most important thing to do after getting fired is to not allow it to define you. No matter how much you ruminate on it, you can’t change what happened. Focus on your future and what you can change about where you will go.

For more on what you should be doing in response to getting fired, read the post from Glassdoor.

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