In a Move Oscar Will Surely Grouch About, Hugs Return to Sesame Place

man with fuzzy character
Image via Ohio State University at Creative Commons.
These kinds of personal character interactions are returning to Sesame Place.

Sesame Place, just on the cusp of its full-blown spring/summer 2022 season, is changing a former pandemic-related policy. Suffice to say, Oscar the Grouch will hate it; Elmo will love it. The close proximity character interactions that were sidelined by COVID-19 cautiousness, are back. In other words, it’s hugs all around, reports Laura Smythe for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The cancellation of the keep-a-distance policy for character interactions is one of only several changes at the 17-acre theme park in Langhorne.

Sesame Place President Catherine Valeriano counted her way through several:

  1. Additional characters to greet, including Baby Shark and the Power Rangers
  2. Tweaks to the food and beverage experience, including healthier options and shorter wait times
  3. A new birthday party event room, enabling families to have parties at the park
  4. Upgrades to landscaping and shade structures, to bolster guest comfort

Sesame Place has become a significant economic driver in Bucks County. Each summer, it employees 1,700 locals. And overnight guests swell the rooms of Langhorne hotels.

Because of its importance, Visit Bucks County actively promotes the park.

The attraction is one of the premier family entertainment destinations in the county and will be highlighted in the organization’s new summer commercial throughout N.Y., N.J., and Pa.

More on Sesame Place and its 2022 plans is at the Philadelphia Business Journal.