Sesame Place Classic Attracts Athletes from the Fiercely Competitive to the Off-the-Charts Cute

child running
Image via Fraser Marlow at the Bucks County Herald.
The Sesame Sprint.

Runners’ family and friends who are spectating at tomorrow’s Sesame Place Classic will assuredly beam with pride as runners finish their respective courses. But the biggest grins will most likely accompany the athletes covering the shortest distance, as reported by Wayne Fish at the Bucks County Herald.

More experienced runners will tackle a 5K or one-mile distance through the Muppety theme park. But small fry will dash, trot, toddle, or even just walk about 50 yards in the heartily heartwarming “sprint” event.

Sesame Sprint’s directors Rose and Steve McIver wrangle these youngsters across the course. The fun eclipses the competition, as every entrant gets a medal, no matter how long it takes them to finish.

“The Sesame Sprint is our favorite part of the Classic,” said Rose. “The kids, from toddlers on up, are so earnest and so adorable. They warm our hearts.’’

The Levittown-Bristol Kiwanis Club (along with the Bucks County Herald) is sponsor. Kiwanis Club member Dixie Rhodes said, “There’s something uplifting about seeing the youngsters’ eyes light up and a perpetual smile as they race toward the finish line. The tykes competing in the sprint just run with complete abandon.”

More information on the Sesame Place Classic, including the Sprint, is at the Bucks County Herald.