Being Recruited? How to Maximize Your Chance of Success


It can be tough sifting through all the job postings out there to try and pinpoint the best ones for you. That is why many job seekers turn to recruiters to cultivate the best matching positions for them.

But a recruiter is not doing all the work for you and you still need to pull your share. As explained in the Philadelphia Business Journal, going in with the wrong mindset will only waste your time and leave you disappointed.

The first thing to bear in mind is to be upfront about what you do and do not want. Being specific early on can spare both you and the recruiter aggravation in dealing with roles that are not for you.

You also need to be realistic in what you ask for. Saying you are looking for something with a higher salary is reasonable. Saying you want that salary to be double your current one is much less likely to yield attainable results.

The flip side of that previous point is that you also do not want to settle for less. Your recruiter might bring positions to you that are a bit of a pay cut while promising it is a better work environment. But if it is the money that matters most to you, compromising just to try something is unlikely to leave you happy.

Lastly, recognize that not all recruiter pairings will have synergy with you. Maybe the field they specialize in is too different, or they are more focused on helping out the companies than prospective employees. It is okay to say an arrangement is not a good fit and to try someone else instead.

To learn more about what you can do to ensure the best results with a recruiter, read the Philadelphia Business Journal article here.


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