Bucks County’s Natural Pinnacle Gains Permanent Protection; Views Will Remain Unimpeded Forever

man on rocks
Views like these, atop Haycock Mountain, will fortunately be around for quite some time.

Haycock Mountain, and the 15 acres that surround it, is now protected by a Pa. Game Lands designation that will keep its natural beauty forever. News of the environmental win was aired by Mae Axelrod in the Bucks County Herald.

“This land is just stunning,” said Oliver Bass, president of Natural Lands of Media, Pa. The nonprofit land preservation advocacy group helped broker the arrangement.

“In addition to everything this wooded property offers us all — flood control, cleaner drinking water, fresh air to breathe, and climate cooling power — it’s also just plain beautiful.” Bass continued. “I’m so thrilled we could ensure its permanent protection.”

Earl Ross is the site’s the former owner. “I’ve been coming up here from the city for about 50 years,” he said. “My dad brought me here when he first bought the land. Then I brought my kids, and other neighborhood kids from the city that had never experienced anything like this… . It’s a pretty amazing place.”

The mountain rises 961 feet above sea level. Ascending it, via Top Rock Trail, is a favorite activity of local hikers and climbers.

Humans are the only ones attracted by its abundant appeal. The area is a popular migration and breeding spot for songbirds.

The Bucks County Herald has the complete story on the longevity now ensured for Haycock Mountain.