New Hope Culinary Congregants Earned Its Parish the ‘Caring Cooking Church of the Year’ Distinction

woman peeling potatoes
Image via Caring for Friends.
Caring for Friends, a Phila. nonprofit that supplies food to the needy, recognized St. Martin of Tours Parish, New Hope, for its long-term commitment to cooking for those less fortunate. Prior to the pandemic, its chefs worked in the church kitchens; they eventually transitioned to home.

St. Martin of Tours Parish in New Hope has been named the “Caring Cooking Church of the Year” by Phila.-based Caring for Friends, one of the largest regional food banks. Kate Fishman boxed up the reasons behind the honor in the New Hope-Lambertville Patch.

The St. Martin’s amateur chefs have been preparing meals for the needy in Phila. since 2005. From the start, their nutritional output vaulted the church to among the top senior meal partners in the Caring for Friends network.

“[They have been] making and donating thousands of meals, as well as providing monetary donations to support neighbors in need,” read a Caring for Friends news release.

Parishioner Wanda Sostak works with volunteers — including children — to cook, pack, and freeze healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, which are then distributed without charge.

Deliveries comprise one balanced meal per day, dropped off seven at a time to cover a week’s nutritional needs to anyone requesting it.

Volunteers also provide 400 meals a month to local homeless populations.

The St. Martin of Tours Church chefs worked at the parish onsite until the pandemic interfered; without missing a beat, however, they transitioned into their own kitchens and kept right on stirring, chopping, and seasoning.

“We are a very giving parish, said Sostak, commenting on the long-term participation in the program.

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