Perkasie Garage Houses Classic British Sports Cars, Each Lovingly Restored by Ragtops & Roadsters

car by white building
Image via Bucks County Magazine.
Ragtops & Roadsters, Perkasie.

Ragtops & Roadsters, a specialty garage in Perkasie, specializes in reviving the 1950s–1960s two-seater English sports cars. Chrysa Smith looked under the hood of this niche restorer in Bucks County Magazine.

Bryan Joslin is the managing director of the automobile servicer, which has its roots in a Pottstown restoration garage that focused on American classics.

Over the years, however, the staff’s expertise shifted to vintage MGs, Triumphs, and Jaguars — British imports requiring special attention.

“The starting point in restoration is an evaluation,” says Joslin. “We assess whether the car is a candidate. Some cars look good externally, but inside, there’s rust, questionable repairs, layers of body filler.”

The preservation process takes hold post-restoration. Once the original look has been resurrected from the ages, the experts focus on retaining what has been regained.

“It involves all mechanical systems, paint and body work, trim and upholstery,” says Joslin.

Although the garage specializes in vehicles from across the Atlantic, its experts also work on domestic cars. A particularly challenging job was reviving a 1915 Pierce Arrow. The vehicle arrived so badly aged that Joslin described it as Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang before its overhaul.

A constant struggle is replacement parts. But the experts at Ragtops & Roadsters can often mitigate that challenge with some elbow grease and ingenuity. Timeworn components — absent today’s complex electronics — are generally simpler to refurbish.

More on this unique garage, including notice of an upcoming open house, is at Bucks County Magazine.