Why Bensalem’s CNS Cleaning Company Leaders Dragged Themselves Through the Mud

crawling man
Image via CNBC at the Philadelphia Business Journal.
The CNS Cleaning Service staff had to navigate tough obstacle courses while answering questions about business operations.

The principals of CNS Cleaning Company in Bensalem recently needed a good wash themselves. A four-day stint in a team-building boot camp, shot for a reality show, was a down-and-dirty experience. But did it have the intended result of providing a clean view of operations? Ryan Mulligan scrubbed the details for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

When he was a presence in the culinary business, Bill Dunn, CNS’ CEO, often got invitations to appear in television cooking programs. He routinely tossed them.

But when he swapped roles and took control of the cleaning service, one invitation piqued his interest. It was for a new-concept CNBC teamwork-building series called No Retreat: Business Bootcamp.

Dunn signed up his crew, believing the experience would bolster:

  • Knowledge of the business
  • Leadership confidence
  • Clarity on standardized, articulated processes and procedures

That’s how his CNS colleagues found themselves army-crawling through mud while answering questions about the business.

When it was all over and Dunn was cleaned up, he called the show a “challenge … in ways that you didn’t expect to be challenged, that you don’t want to be challenged. But when you get through it, you’ll come out stronger than you were before.”

The CNS episode of No Retreat: Business Bootcamp airs tomorrow, Mar. 8, on CNBC.

More information is at the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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