Career Corner: Vaccination Status Is the New Must-Have on Your Resume

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It is becoming more common to hear news stories about people showing up at restaurants or shops only to be taken aback to hear they must show proof of vaccination to enter. However, such policies only seem to be becoming more common, possibly now extending to job interviews.

According to The Wall Street Journal, listing on your résumé whether or not you are vaccinated may make employers give your application preference. The reasoning is, if the company has a mandate that all staff must be vaccinated, they would prefer not to waste time interviewing candidates who are not.

“It saves us a lot of time and hassle to just clear it out in the résumé phase,” said David Morgan, chief executive at a snorkel gear retailer called Snorkel-Mart.

“Candidates must be aware of the fact that the vaccination status holds the same importance as your personal profile nowadays, if not more.” And Morgan is far from alone in those sentiments. did a survey of 1,250 hiring managers in which 70% of them responded that they would be more likely to hire a candidate who stated on their résumé that they were in fact vaccinated.

Some were even more emphatic, with a third of the respondents saying that they were immediately discarding any résumé that did not indicate vaccination status.

Realistically, it can also save the candidate some trouble. If your vaccine status could be a dealbreaker for the employer one way or the other, it might be better to know upfront.

Still, not everyone agrees with sharing your vaccine information on your résumé. Some résumé experts advise against doing so, feeling it distracts from your skills and qualifications. However, many candidates feel it is worth a try, and are adding it to their LinkedIn profiles and cover letters as well.

It is a technique that is too recent to say definitively whether it could make a difference. However, based on the responses the aforementioned hiring managers gave, sharing that you have been vaccinated could be what gets your foot in the door.

To learn more about what employers have to say about sharing your vaccine status, read the Wall Street Journal’s article here.


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