WaPo: When in Vibrant New Hope, Remember That Charming Lambertville Is Just a Quick Stroll Away

street covered in snow
Image via Paul Ilechko at Creative Commons.
Lambertville, N.J., is appealing year-round but gains a special shimmer when the landscape turns white.

With so much to see and do in New Hope — see a show, dine out, shop — it’s easy to forget that another recommendable site is close by. Cathy Alter profiled the appeal of next-door-neighbor Lambertville, N.J. for The Washington Post.

Lambertville offers the opportunity to slow the pace of New Hope’s verve. It may be only about a thousand steps away via the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge, but its small-town feel is immediate. The views back to the Pennsylvania side, especially along the Delaware Canal Towpath Trail, provide a unique look to its more bustling neighbor.

Lambertville also offers similar history as its Bucks County counterpart: Gen. George Washington and the Continental Army spent time here, using a stone house on North Main Street as a headquarters. The patriots were back in 1778, sheltering on a local farm before the Battle of Monmouth.

Shopping opportunities are plentiful: The People’s Store is excellent for antiques. On Wednesdays and weekends, the Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market opens. Browsing there, shoppers may encounter just about anything — a New Jersey version of London’s Portobello Road.

A light bite is as close as the Lambertville Trading Company, a family-owned coffee bar. And the town offers many appealing places to nestle in for a night or two.

More on Lambertville is at The Washington Post.