Landenberg Teen, Flute Virtuoso Continues His Studies at Nation’s Gold Standard for Music Programs

mother and son
David Lemper and his mother, Jenny Chen.

Following a lifelong dream, 18-year-old David Lemper of New Garden Township has enrolled in the Interlochen Center for the Arts, a renowned institution in Michigan that is perhaps the gold standard for music programs. Jen Samuel played out the details of this flute virtuoso for the Daily Local News.

Lemper moved with his family to Landenberg in 2014. He enrolled in Kennett Area School District where he performed with the Kennett High School Band for three years. He left home this past August to begin his musical journey.

Prior to leaving for Michigan, he played in the Delaware Youth Orchestra.

Music is in his blood. His father is a flutist. And his mother, Jenny Chen, a local dentist, played music to him in utero.

Lemper has a gift, in addition to skill, when it comes to the flute: He can recreate everyday melodies without music.

“One of my favorite things to do is picking a pop song and playing it by ear,” he said. “I also like to sight-read through different types of sheet music.”

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