Engaging Engagement Pix: Bucks County Provides Scenic Backdrop for Couple’s Post-Proposal Shots

couple kissing in a park
Image via Helena Raju at Philadelphia Magazine.
Nikki James and Jamison Hoffman.

A pond across the street from the Bucks County home of Nikki James’ parents proved to be a photogenic find. Its muted colors allowed the colorful outfits of the Indian bride- and groom-to-be to pop. Kristin Schott focused on the resulting engagement photography for Philadelphia Magazine.

Pictures of celebrity couple Nick Jonas and Pryanka Chopra informed James’ choice of couture color palette for her engagement/prewedding ceremony. “She was wearing so much color and looked happy and beautiful,” she said, commenting on the Hollywood sweethearts.

James and boyfriend Jamison Hoffman met at the Temple University School of Pharmacy, when she cut in line in front of him to exit a classroom. Their first date was a pumpkin-picking outing.

The couple dated for almost five years before Jamison proposed, enlisting their Great Dane puppy to present the ring.

The betrothal shots were taken after a blessing ceremony held at a Northeast Philadelphia Catholic Church.

The park in which they posed had special meaning. “We often stop here after visiting Nikki’s parents to take a small walk and enjoy the scenery,” said Jamison.

A September 2022 wedding date is on their calendars.

More on this Bucks County engagement photo shoot is at Philadelphia Magazine.

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