Doylestown Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Scott Levy Offers Good-News/Bad-News on Omicron Variant Spread


The weekly video update of Dr. Scott Levy, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Doylestown Hospital, describes the current good-news bad-news developments in the regional fight against the omicron variant of COVID-19.

Dr. Levy framed the persistent spread of the possibly fatal illness as “…something we’ve never seen in the history of medicine, with the one exception of the measles. That’s how easily transmissible it is.”

As an upside, cases among vaccinated patients generally represent short-term stays.

Unfortunately for unvaccinated residents, which comprise the bulk of the hospital’s current COVID-19 census, the numbers are overwhelming.

“We have 65 cases of COVID in the hospital,” he said. “That’s more than we’ve ever had since this pandemic started.”

For additional information on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak, including an important recommendation on mask usage, view the Doylestown Health video.