Thanksgiving Desserts from Pie Bird Farm, Ottsville, Are Definitely Upper-Crust


Jennifer Brodsky and Eric Theesfeld run Pie Bird Farm with a very simple guiding principle: everything by hand. The delicious result, pies both savory and sweet, are gaining quite the reputation, reports Timothy Walton for 6abc.

Jennifer has a long history of farming, a surprising skill for a girl born in Philadelphia. But her agrarian skills took her to Ireland for tilling, planting, and harvesting the storied turf.

She and Eric are now using a historic Bucks County property (its earliest residents date to 1720) to produce mouthwatering pies. Moreover, they’re doing so with an ongoing commitment to hand-crafted baking.

“We make everything by hand,” Jennifer said.

Literally by hand,” husband Eric echoed.

The lack of machinery for slicing fruit, forming pie-crust dough, and filling pies means that Pie Bird Farm desserts are a little more rustic looking than mass-produced versions. They’re also more substantial. Some weigh as much as four pounds.

“People can see we made them with love and care,” Jennifer said.

But the difference extends beyond aesthetics.

The use of organic ingredients like grass-fed, organic butter, whose golden chunks are visible in the pie crust dough.

The pumpkin pie has some unexpected additions to its creamy, zesty filling, including roasted, caramelized heirloom squash and ginger beer.

Pie Bird Farm sells its wares at the Doylestown Farmers Market.

More on this story is at 6abc.

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