Career Corner: The Top 10 Careers for Engineering Majors

Chemical Engineers in a lab

If you are looking for the most lucrative fields to get a degree in, many of the subcategories in engineering comprise some of the highest-paying positions right now. Engineering is a skill that lends itself to many areas, though, so it might just be whichever one intrigues you the most that you pursue.

Courtesy of Stacker, here are the most well-paid jobs in engineering, and a good representation of the many different ways to utilize an engineering degree.

Computer Science and Engineering

If you enjoy working with computers, this position allows you to assist with all aspects of their production.

You can focus on the physical side and help create new hardware like monitors, or you can lend your skills towards creating software to be used on all manner of devices.

Common pay for such work is $131,000.

Marine Engineering

Here you will apply your engineering abilities to devices meant for the sea, such as ships or submarines.

Engineering is required for many components of seacrafts, such as lighting, mobility controls, and temperature regulation.

Marine engineering pays around $131,000.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

A job like this could delve into anything from creating a reliable power source for a device to developing equipment meant for wireless communication.

This kind of specialization gives you multiple pathways to take your talents in and pays about $131,000.

Computer Systems Engineering

As the name suggests, in this kind of employment you are optimizing computers for the workforce.

That can include both the physical hardware of a computer, as well as the software programs.

Pay averages around $133,000.

Chemical Engineering

People often think of engineering as the process of building machines, but producing chemical components is also categorized as a kind of engineering.

This type of work typically pays about $135,000 and allows you to focus on the scientific world as you manufacture both scientific devices and chemical compounds.

Systems Engineering

Traditional system engineering jobs are as in-demand as ever, with this role often paying close to $140,000.

As a systems engineer, you will build and maintain various forms of equipment for whatever sub-field you choose to devote your talents to.

Electrical Power Engineering

This role typically pays just over $142,000, and has the crucial task of helping to create manufacture, and optimize electrical equipment for a variety of purposes.

While competition is currently fierce for these jobs, those with internships and additional certifications can make themselves stand out.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Though engineering often conjures up images of huge machines, even small handheld technology requires engineers.

If working in software and hardware is more your forte, you can earn around $160,000.

Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

For a typical mid-career salary just above $170,000, you will manage the operational systems required to optimize experiences in many fields.

That could mean helping an entertainment venue avoid overcrowding their guests, assisting with creating safe traffic patterns, or so many other areas that depend on monitoring for safe operation.

Petroleum Engineering

This position not only offers the top pay for engineering but simply the highest pay for any major right now.

For an average salary around $187,000 per year you will assist in extracting natural energy sources such as oil to be used in powering many of the country’s machines and utilities.

With every job on this list making over $100,000, any type of engineering work will see you compensated well. One of the biggest appeals of this field is how many applications engineering has to so many different aspects of life.

To see the full list of 100 jobs, make sure to read the original article from Stacker by clicking here.


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