Career Corner: 10 Highest Paying Master’s Degree Jobs

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If you are dissatisfied with your current position, career trajectory, boss, or salary, people in your circle may have recommended going back to school for your master’s degree.

But education can accumulate debt in student loans that might deter people who worry the degree won’t make enough of a difference.

That is why it is important to research what careers are doing well right now so you can ensure you are obtaining a degree that is valuable to you.

Courtesy of Indeed we have the details of which jobs have the highest salary when requiring a master’s degree.


Though the lowest salary on this list, careers in economics still provide a comfortable salary averaging around $95,000. This broad category gives you a lot of directions you could take your work, such as focusing on investments, marketing, or trading. You could apply these skills to individual clients or even entire corporations.

Physician’s Assistant

This is the first job on the list to average over $100,000, though only by a couple thousand. As a physician’s assistant, you will often be one of the primary points of contact for patients, conducting examinations, providing diagnoses, and writing prescriptions if need be.


If you are good at breaking down complex data, a career in statistics can earn you around the range of $105,000 annually. All sorts of companies require this type of expertise, ranging from medical fields to academic institutions.

Electrical Engineering

Another career that hovers around the $105,000 mark is electrical engineering, which has all sorts of applications. Depending on your interest, you could specialize in control systems, optical communications, nanotechnology, or a plethora of other subareas.


Naturally, nursing is still in high demand, and right now it comes with an average national salary of over $107,000. Nurses are frequently a patient’s primary contact for hospital treatment, including such duties as running tests and providing treatments upon diagnosis.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is another career that averages out around $107,000. This is another very flexible career path that can grant you inroads towards designing and creating new software, optimizing existing tools, or focusing more specifically on coding in general.


This degree prepares you for work at the corporate level, where you will use your knowledge to advise companies on smart investments, how to improve upon quarterly finances, and other business decisions with long-term financial ramifications. This pays around $108,000.

Business Administration

Moving towards a CEO-level position will earn you on average of just under $115,000. In this role, you will be expected to provide leadership to your team, which requires you to have strong communication skills and a solid understanding of best business practices.

Information Technology

An average salary over $120,000 makes this one of the highest paying careers right now for a master’s degree level candidate. Our modern-day reliance on computers means that IT is integral for a company’s success, providing everything from cybersecurity to solutions for storing the business’s data.

Nursing Anesthesia

It is likely little surprise that a job in healthcare would be the highest paying on this list. For this role, the national average is over $175,000 per year. This position is one of the most crucial forms of medical experience, as it helps with pain management from everything from dental procedures to complex surgeries.

A master’s degree will only be worth it if you are going into a career you enjoy and that provides the opportunities you are looking for. Carefully consider your options to plan out how you want your education to further your career.

To see the full list of the highest-paying jobs you can get with a master’s degree, read the post from Indeed by clicking here.


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