Career Corner: The Skills You Need for Tomorrow’s Fastest Growing Careers

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It is no secret that we are in the middle of a significant shift in terms of what careers are gaining traction.

So many jobs dependent on retail are being phased out by online counterparts. Whereas positions in health, finance, and technology are only continuing to proliferate.

If you believe it will soon be time for you to think of a new career, you need to ensure you have the qualifications to be a good fit. Courtesy of Workopolis, here are some of the skills you should be looking to acquire to get into the careers that are growing.

For technology, robotics and artificial intelligence are doing pioneering work that requires people knowledgeable in those areas. But even the way we use computers is changing.

Portable devices like smartphones and tablets have much of the same functionality that we would have depended on a desktop for. That means people with knowledge of creating apps for those devices will be in high demand.

If the world of business appeals to you, people with an understanding of marketing, and data trends are highly valued right now. Or if you prefer to interact with the clients, people skills are always appreciated so that the customer has a face to put the brand to rather than just dealing with machines.

And the healthcare sector is always advancing, but lately, it is biomedical engineering that is gaining a lot of attention. That could pertain to the latest knowledge regarding prosthetics, medical devices, or the development of imaging equipment, to name a few areas.

If you are already finished with your degree and don’t envy the idea of getting another, there are still options for you. Places like Wilmington University have certificate programs you can take to help you specialize in one new area in a program that only lasts for a few months. And much of what they offer can be completed totally virtually, so you can tune up your skills without cutting back on your work hours or family responsibilities.

If you want to ensure the viability of your career, being willing to continue learning is what will keep you relevant.

To learn about other skills you should be looking to add to your repertoire, read the article from Workopolis here.


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