Career Corner: How Ace a Zoom Job Interview

Woman interviwing via Zoom

If you haven’t been on the job hunt in the last year and a half then you might not realize how much the interview landscape has changed. Rather than getting to visit the company you want to work for and meet the manager in person, there are good odds they will schedule you for a Zoom meeting instead.

You are probably used to Zoom, but if you haven’t done interviews over it there are some differences that you might struggle with. Fortunately, Indeed not only has job listings but useful advice on how to handle interviews of all kinds.

The biggest difference is you need to make sure it’s not just you who looks professional but also your background. It doesn’t matter how nice you dress if you have distracting clutter in the room you are using. Make sure you have time to either spruce up or find a good, neat room.

Likewise, you also have to be conscious of any background noise. If you have others living with you, be sure to let them know you will need some quiet time for a bit. Also, keep TVs and phones off. If there is outside noise you can’t get away from, make sure you are muted whenever you aren’t speaking.

As unusual as it may feel, you also want to look into your camera during an interview rather than the screen. Obviously, you can’t see as much like that, but it will make it look like you are making eye contact. Staring at the screen will make your eyes downcast the entire time.

And finally, make sure you sort out your technical problems beforehand. If you are using a portable device be sure it is fully charged the night before. Test your microphone, clean your camera of any smudges, and check the software you need for any updates the day prior.

Whether you prefer an in-person interview or not, you have to be able to adapt to the needs of the interviewer. Ensuring you have all of this figured out ahead of time is just replacing the other steps you would be taking, like looking for directions to the company, and finding parking. Preparation is always key.

To learn more about how to prepare for your virtual interview, read the post from Indeed over here.


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