Career Corner: How Local Tech Salaries Stack Up to the Rest of the Country

Average Tech Salaries 2020 to 2021
Image via Hired.
Average tech salaries by market 2021 vs 2020.

With so many industries and fields shaken up by the pandemic, a lot of people are reevaluating their careers right now. One of the more appealing options has been the tech industry, which has been a rare oasis of stability over the last 18 months.

But the salary you can expect will vary quite a bit depending on your location.

Based on data from Hired and reported by Axios, we see salaries in tech can typically go between $136,000-$165,000, and a large part of that is based on where you are living. There is no doubt that there is variance both below and above those averages in every city, so location is not the only determining factor. But it can give you an idea of your odds of receiving the compensation you desire.

Unfortunately for Philadelphia area residents, tech salaries in the Delaware Valley trend towards the lower end of that range, with an average salary of $141,000. The result, according to Hired, is that people living in metros like Philadelphia with lower-tech salaries are considering relocating if the trends don’t change.

Texas claims the undesired honor of being one of the lowest-paying states for tech careers at $124,000. While those considering relocation might be eyeing California, where $165,00 tops out at the highest nationwide.

It is worth noting that tech salaries in Philadelphia have increased each of the last two years, but at a low rate. However, perhaps most interesting is that in that same time period, salaries for remote tech workers have jumped by almost $20,000. Naturally, that is likely due to the pandemic so it is unclear if that momentum will continue as restrictions continue to lift. But if that is sustainable, it might be just as viable to remain in Philadelphia but pursue remote work.

For a more detailed look at the statistics for where Philadelphia measures up, give a read to the post from Axios here.


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