Career Corner: Four Eye-Catching Resume Tips From Google’s Director of Talent

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When it comes to your résumé, the way you present it can be equally as important as the accomplishments you have to your name. Not knowing how to highlight your strong suits can very well get you passed over for a position you are more than qualified for.

If you want to know how to catch the eye of the people you want to work for, hearing directly from them is certainly worthwhile. An article from Fast Company delved into this, using insight from the Director of Talent at Google, Kyle Ewing, on how to write a compelling résumé.

“For the candidate, the most important thing to consider is how that piece of paper can properly reflect all of your dimensions,” said Ewing.

One tip she notes is that the terms that stand out in a job application are often what employers want to see on your résumé as well. If those descriptions apply to you, inserting them in and finding a way to elaborate on how you have those skills can make you more appealing.

Another recommendation is to not only highlight what you have achieved but also how you did it. The difficulty of the task might not be evident to a reader unfamiliar with your company. You can further accentuate why it was impressive if you convey percentages, timeframes, and other hard data.

And for people fresh out of school, it is important to remember you do still have experience you can list. Research projects, tutoring, and roles in university clubs are all aspects of school life that are transferrable to work life.

Ideally, you should tweak your résumé for each job, but realistically that can be a lot for most people. Ewing does recommend giving it an overhaul at least once a year, though, as more can change in that time span than you think.

For more advice on how you can fine-tune your résumé, take a look at Fast Company’s story here.


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