Career Corner: Career Trends in a Crazy, Unpredictable Year

Forklift Driver

We all know the pandemic caused a great deal of upheaval in what businesses have done well. So it is likely of little surprise that it has also shifted what careers employees are getting into.

Jennifer Liu of CNBC has an article elaborating, using data from LinkedIn to highlight the shift we have seen.

Naturally, the healthcare field has seen a huge bump, particularly for nurses and mental health professionals. It only makes sense that during a time where more people are getting physically sick or struggling with the emotional elements of so much isolation that medical workers would be in more demand.

A shift to digital shopping saw much of the in-person retail work transfer over to the shipping and receiving part of things. In fact, work in warehouses, making deliveries, or acting as personal shoppers became the biggest trend of the year.

To put it in perspective, there was a 73% growth in these jobs this year, and over 400,000 open positions. Clearly just because people have a harder time getting to stores that does not mean it will curtail their shopping.

However, there is obviously more than just the pandemic that has been occupying people’s minds. Increasing calls for social justice and accountability for racial discrimination have also been reflected in careers. So much so that hiring for experts in workplace diversity went up by an astounding 90%.

With so many major stories about injustice and the activism trying to counteract it, clearly companies want to show that they are taking these issues seriously.

While the situations that created these job trends show no immediate signs of going away, even if they did that does not mean these fields would suddenly lose their growth. In some cases, these big swings in hiring could be here for the long term.

To learn what the job prospects are like for specific careers, read CNBC’s article here.


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