Engage Brands, Newtown, Has Boston Market Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum(Stick)

restaurant chain sign
Image via Retaimes at Creative Commons.

Jay Pandaya, head of Newtown’s Engage Brands, spent much of his 18-month ownership of Boston Market considering next steps for the chain. He now thinks he’s hatched a plan to move it forward, reports Ed Sealover for the Denver Business Journal.

Since acquiring the quick-food brand, Engage Brands has been reconsidering its market strategies as well as scrutinizing the menu for improvements.

Regarding the overall business model, Pandaya sees great promise in delivery. That idea stems from the transportability of roasted chicken, which tends to travel better than other fast-food fare.

Off-premises sales are another tactic in consideration.

Possible food tweaks include a Nashville chicken sandwich (with plenty of spice) and rotisserie options themed to cordon bleu and lemon piccata. Desserts are also getting upgraded, but so, too, are low-carb, high-protein entrees.

The corporate optimism surrounding Boston Market has put it in revival and acquisition mode, especially in the Philadelphia area. Locations shuttered by sales slumps related to COVID-19 are being revived. In addition, 38 new stores are in the works locally for 2021, with national visions not too far off.

The footprint of its stores, however, is being trimmed, encouraging more takeout and less sit-down.

One revision off the table, however, is a move of company headquarters from Denver. Boston Market is not being reimagined as an East Coast entity.

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